Essential Brewing Set
Essential Brewing Set
Essential Brewing Set
Essential Brewing Set
Essential Brewing Set
Essential Brewing Set

Essential Brewing Set

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The art of tea is one that is meant to be experienced. You, the brewer, are at the center of it all as tea requires the brewer’s attention and orchestration. The Essential Brewing Set is…. essential in making this all a seamless experience.  

Explore Gong Fu Brewing with a full-sized tea set and three teas to get you started on your tea journey – all of these are packed neatly in a hand-woven basket for easy storage after use.

The Essential Brewing Set includes: 

  • 1 Gaiwan (porcelain) 
  • 1 Tea Pitcher (porcelain) 
  • 1 Tea Tray (bamboo with plastic water-proof base) 
  • 1 Tea Strainer (silk mesh) 
  • 4 Tea cups (porcelain) 
  • 1 Tongs (bamboo) 
  • 1 Tea Cloth
  • 1 Basket 
  • 15g Crimson Roast 
  • 15g Honey Blossom
  • 15g Evening Spring

Some things to note from the Set: 

1. Gaiwan. This 100mL vessel is the paramount tool in Gong Fu brewing. Its design is elegant and clean, designed to elevate the overall experience and aesthetic of your tea session. The pour on this Gaiwan is very balanced and controllable with a rounded grip designed to feel comfortable on the hand. 

2. Tea Pitcher. The large collar grip makes it incredibly easy to handle and also makes the filter set perfectly. Its spout is angled for a precise pour that prevents spillage when serving tea. 

3. Tea Cups. The small cups (50mL) are designed to make the tea cool down faster and so that the taste of the tea becomes the main focus. It is designed without any unnecessary curves to ensure easy drinking. 

 4. Tea Filter. The silk mesh leaves no trace of any aftertaste on the tea and is fine enough to filter the smallest leaf particles. 

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