About Us

We, Tea is a tea company based in Manila, founded in 2020, with the goal of offering premium loose-leaf tea and establishing a Filipino tea community that appreciates drinking it on a regular basis. 
We are tea fanatics who have developed a fervent drive to share the delights of quality loose-leaf tea based on our unique interactions with this drink. We want to make tea accessible for more Filipinos, and to create a community grounded on our passion for the brew. 
We view tea as more than just another beverage; rather, it is a journey that gradually unfolds through each infusion. We strive to develop a relationship with tea and link the tastes we perceive to our own memories and encounters. For this reason, we advocate for using quality loose-leaf teas to savor the full experience of the tea, including our own emotions and surroundings while drinking. 
We value two key aspects when sourcing our teas: its natural provenance and its artisanal processing. We source our teas directly from tea farmers in renowned tea growing regions such as the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian and the Phoenix Mountains in Guangdong. By developing personal relationships with the tea producers we are able to ensure that we always source the most premium tea that meets our standards and satisfies our palettes.  
We are proud to sell only excellent teas that we would gladly serve to our friends and family.
We are We, Tea.