Velvet Dusk (Hua Xiang Xiao Zhong, 花香小种)
Velvet Dusk (Hua Xiang Xiao Zhong, 花香小种)

Velvet Dusk (Hua Xiang Xiao Zhong, 花香小种)

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Velvet Dusk or “Hua Xiang Xiao Zhong” is a modern twist on a classic black tea. Though traditionally smoked, Velvet Dusk is left unsmoked to emphasize the pure flavor of these high quality leaves. The unsmoked Velvet Dusk feels smooth and light in the mouth, but has a deep and complex flavor with notes of raisin and muscovado that will surely leave you wanting more.

Tea Profile​

Traditional Name: 花香小钟 [Pinyin: Huā xiāng xiǎo zhǒng; Wade-Giles: hua hsiang hsiao chung] 

Origin: Tong Mu Village, Fujian, China

Elevation: 1300m

Varietal: Xiao Zhong Cultivar

Harvesting: Buds and first leaves • April 2020*

Processing: Roasted over high fire • Unsmoked

Wet Leaf Aroma: Vanilla • Hazelnut • Raisins

Tea Liquor Color: Caramel Orange

Mouthfeel: Light and velvety

Finish: Sweet • Soft

Body Sensation: Gentle and calming

*Black teas benefit from a period of resting in order for the flavors to settle and deepen. This vintage batch provides a richer tea experience than fresher-picked black teas.