Nº9 (Ying De Hong, 英德红)
Nº9 (Ying De Hong, 英德红)
Nº9 (Ying De Hong, 英德红)

Nº9 (Ying De Hong, 英德红)

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Nº9 is produced using cultivar number nine, giving this tea its name. This black tea is also traditionally known as “Ying De Hong” as it is produced in the town of Ying De in Guangdong.

Nº9 is left to oxidize almost completely before it is roasted over high heat. The resulting tea has a silky, thick mouthfeel and a distinct malty 

​Tea Profile

Traditional Name: 英德红 [Pinyin: Yīng Dé Hóng; Wade-Giles: ying te hung]

Origin: Ying De Town, Guangdong Province, China

Elevation: 900m

Varietal: Cultivar No. 9

Harvesting: First and second leaves • May 2023

Processing: Rolled and highly oxidized

Wet Leaf Aroma: Orchids • Caramel • Cranberry

Tea Liquor Color: Mahogany

Mouthfeel: Silky, thick, and vaporous

Tasting Notes: Dried Cranberry • Nutmeg • Malt • Toasted Sunflower Seeds  

Finish: Long-lasting • Sweet • Astringent 

Body Sensation: Calming and energizing