Jade Spring (Bi Luo Chun, 碧螺春)
Jade Spring (Bi Luo Chun, 碧螺春)
Jade Spring (Bi Luo Chun, 碧螺春)

Jade Spring (Bi Luo Chun, 碧螺春)

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Jade Spring or "Bi Luo Chun" is a brisk green tea from the Dong Ting Mountains in Jiangsu Province. Prepared from a plucking of tender young leaves in the early spring, the tea requires a gentle brew to yield a bright and fresh cup. 

Its delicate pan-roasting lends a vibrant yet complex array of flavors. There is a pleasant balance of toasted nuts coupled with the lush flavors of bright fruit and flowers. 

Our batch of 2022 Bi Luo Chun was picked on March 13, 2022, while our batch of 2023 Bi Luo Chun was picked on March 21, 2023. For fresh green teas, it is important to look out for the date of picking to ensure its optimal freshness. 

There are many stories surrounding the original Chinese name of Jade Spring – Bi Luo Chun which literally translates to "Green Snail of Spring." However, the most popular story is that of a female tea picker in ancient China whose picking baskets were full. She then decides to place some of the tea between her breasts and the fresh tea mixed with the bodily aromas gave off a shocking aroma. Initially, the tea was actually called "Shocking Aroma." When the Emperor tried this tea, he was impressed and thought it deserved a better, more refined name: Bi Luo Chun.  

As this is a fresh tea, there is no need to do any tea rinse – the very first infusion may be drunk immediately. Try this batch of Bi Luo Chun and revel in the flavors of spring.

*The 2022 batch of Jade Spring is still very much safe to drink, and in fact, still delicious! However, fresh green teas tend to lose their brightness after a year, so you can expect the 2022 batch to taste more pistachio-forward. The tea's body and mouthfeel remain the same. 

Tea Profile

Traditional Name: 碧螺春 [Pinyin: Bì Luó Chūn] 

Origin: Dong Ting Mountains, Jiangsu Province, China

Elevation: 300m

Varietal: Qun Ti

Harvesting: Bud and first leaf • March 13, 2022 | March 21, 2023 

Processing: Rapid pan-roasting, hand-rolled 

Wet Leaf Aroma: Pistachio  Chestnut  Fresh Spinach  

Tea Liquor Color: Pale yellow-green

Mouthfeel: Brothy 

Finish: Lightly Astringent • Citrus • Apple

Body Sensation: Energizing