Eight Immortals (Ba Xian, 八仙)
Eight Immortals (Ba Xian, 八仙)
Eight Immortals (Ba Xian, 八仙)

Eight Immortals (Ba Xian, 八仙)

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Eight Immortals or "Ba Xian" is a tea that is named after eight mythical individuals who have achieved immortality through living out the Daoist traditions. However, what makes the tea seemingly "immortal" is that when this cultivar was initially grafted, only eight of the original plants survived. The progeny of these eight plants are used to make this delightful tea today. 

The tea has a silky and moderately thick texture and leaves a lingering sweet date finish with accents of apricot. Its slow charcoal roasting lends its warm spice aroma enhanced by the array of bright fruit flavors including ripe mango and plums. 


Tea Profile

Traditional Name: 八仙 [Pinyin: Bā Xiān]

Origin: Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China

Elevation: 2100m

Varietal: Ba Xian 

Harvesting: third and fourth leaves • April 2023

Processing: Sun-dried, low charcoal roasting over longan wood

Wet Leaf Aroma: Honey  Magnolia  Apricot 

Tea Liquor Color: Rose gold 

Mouthfeel: Soft and medium thick 

Finish: Slightly Drying • Crisp Mineral Sensation • Dates

Body Sensation: Focusd and energizing