Dragon Well (Long Jing, 龍井)
Dragon Well (Long Jing, 龍井)
Dragon Well (Long Jing, 龍井)

Dragon Well (Long Jing, 龍井)

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Dragon Well or “Long Jing” is one of the most beloved teas in the world. Known for its toasty chestnut overtones, this tea is carefully picked just before the spring. Afterwards, it is pan-fired delicately to produce an incredibly balanced tea.

This tea has a soft and creamy texture, yet still captures the brisk and umami notes of a green tea. Sourced from the Xihu area of Zhejiang Province, it is difficult to match the quality of this widely sought-after tea that carries a slightly astringent and saccharine finish.  

Our 2022 batch of Long Jing was picked on March 15, 2022, while our 2023 batch of Long Jing was picked on March 08, 2023. For fresh green teas, it is important to look out for the date of picking to ensure its optimal freshness. 

Sourcing Long Jing can be a tricky business and making sure that the product comes from the Xihu area can spell the difference between a mid-tier and high-quality Long Jing tea. Fortunately, this fresh Long Jing comes from Xihu, and tasting the bright, sweet, nutty notes along with its rich texture showcases its quality. The most popular story as to why the tea is called Long Jing (literally translating to Dragon Well) is that a certain well in the Xihu area contains mineral-rich water (which in locals say is the best water to make Long Jing) that almost seems thicker than your average water. Whenever it would rain and the rainwater falls into the well, the less dense rainwater would swirl and form shapes of moving dragons. 

As this is a fresh tea, there is no need to do any tea rinse – the very first infusion may be drunk immediately. Taste this incredible batch and see why this tea is one of the most popular in the world. 

*The 2022 batch of Dragon Well is still very much safe to drink, and in fact, still delicious! However, fresh green teas tend to lose their brightness after a year, so you can expect this batch to taste more chesnut and soymilk forward. The tea's body and mouthfeel remain the same. 

Tea Profile

Traditional Name: 龍井 [Pinyin: Lóng Jǐng] 

Origin: Xihu District, Zhejiang Province, China

Elevation: 200m

Varietal: Qun Ti Zhong

Harvesting: Bud and first two leaves • March 15, 2022 | March 08, 2023

Processing: Rapid pan-roasted by hand

Wet Leaf Aroma: Edamame  Pecan  Chicken Broth  

Tea Liquor Color: Bright gold

Mouthfeel: Soft and creamy 

Finish: Lightly Astringent • Saccharine (Vanilla) • Crisp

Body Sensation: Uplifting