Crème Royale (Song Zhong, 宋种)
Crème Royale (Song Zhong, 宋种)
Crème Royale (Song Zhong, 宋种)

Crème Royale (Song Zhong, 宋种)

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Crème Royale or “Song Zhong” is a tea that dates back as early as the Song Dynasty. These leaves come from the original trees grown on the Phoenix Mountains, making it the Dancong exclusively offered to royalty.

The tea feels luxurious and almost creamy in the mouth, and its rich range of flavor profiles make this tea a pure delight. Its flavors and aromas are nuanced from fragrant floral notes, to deep nutty notes, and a burst of sweet fruits. 

Tea Profile

Traditional Name: 宋种 [Pinyin: Sòng Zhǒng; Wade-Giles: sung chung]

Origin: Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, China

Elevation: 1200m

Varietal: Song Zhong [2nd Generation Clone] 

Harvesting: third and fourth leaves • May 2023

Processing: Medium roasting over longan wood

Wet Leaf Aroma: Peach  Walnut  Purple Yam  

Tea Liquor Color: Light gold 

Mouthfeel: Thick and velvety 

Finish: Sweet Fruit Gelatin • Crisp Mineral Sensation • Yams

Body Sensation: Soothing and lightly energizing