Hello Dark Tea My Old Friend

Post-fermented teas, also known as dark teas, are a type of tea which is allowed to ferment after processing. These teas are also known as dark teas because the leaves (and resulting tea) get darker as they continue to oxidize.
The most well-known type of post-fermented tea is pu-erh tea, which comes in two types: raw pu-erh (also known as Sheng), which is allowed to age on its own after processing; and ripe pu-erh (also known as Shou), which goes through an additional fermentation process before being aged. Both types of tea become more nuanced and flavorful when aged correctly, and are prized by tea enthusiasts and collectors.
Post-fermented teas have a vast range of flavors and aromas which grow more complex and intricate with age. In general, they are earthy and musky, but can develop a variety of new and exciting characteristics as they age. Well-aged, premium dark teas are always highly sought-after, and are a fine addition to any tea collection.

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