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The Rite of Spring Water: How does water quality affect the tea?

Water is sometimes referred to as the “mother of tea” in traditional texts on tea. Without it, there would simply be no way to drink tea! Though somewhat neglected, the type of water we use to brew our tea can have an effect on our brews as well.   It is common for tourists to describe tea brewed in tea farms as having a sweeter flavor. This is usually attributed to the water in these areas; it is often said that the best water for tea is the water from where the tea comes from. For example, water from the Wuyi Mountains is said to best complement Wuyi teas like Crimson Roast or Evening Spring.   While drinking tea made...

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Alternative Brewing Methods

Makeshift Gong Fu Beginning Gong Fu brewing might seem a little overwhelming given the different steps and necessary tools. However, if you apply the core ideas and principles of Gong Fu brewing, it can be done with almost any kind of materials that you have on hand.  The first step is to simply increase the amount of loose leaf and decrease the amount of water. By doing this, the tea becomes more concentrated and more flavorful, as it is with Gong Fu brewing. The next step is to shorten the steeping time of the tea. Unlike with the Western method of brewing, which normally has brewing times of at least 2 minutes, Gong Fu brewing only needs a few seconds....

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